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    Create colorful world



    NEITABOND Mirror-faced panel is made by doing an anodic oxidation on the aluminum surface to make the product surface as bright as a mirror. It is safer to apply and easier to process into various shapes than glass materials. This technique does not only exhibit the unique surface effect of the natural essential color of aluminum, but also equips the product with a combined appearance of the modern and the classical, now mirror panels are widely used in the interior decoration.

    Mirror aluminum composite panel is a new composite material skinned with anodized aluminum mirror sheets. The lower aluminum skin is chromate treated and polyester coated. It has silver and gold mirror finishing, and now more colors for choices, such as other vivid colors.

    縮略圖1 縮略圖2


    Click the colour surface to change the view.

    Soft white or bright red? Solid colours are always a good choice when a uniform appearance without special effects is required.

    茶鏡面_副本_副本 黑鏡面_副本_副本 灰鏡面_副本_副本 金鏡面_副本_副本 銀鏡面_副本_副本

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    High resistance to peeling 

    Superior weather resistance 

    Light weight and easy to process 

    Coating evenness 

    Diversified colors 

    Easy for maintenance 

    Impact resistance 

    Aluminum alloy AA1100 series 
    Aluminum skin 0.21mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.5mm
    Panel thickness 3mm,4mm
    Panel width 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm
    Panel length 2440mm,3050mm,4050mm
    Surface treatment Pre-anodized 

    Dimensional tolerance:

    Panel width: ±2mm        

    Panel length:±3mm

    Panel thickness: ±0.2mm    

    Panel diagonal: ≤5mm

    Aluminum sheet thickness: ±0.02mm

    Description Test standard Polyester 
    Thickness of coating Polyester paint >=16um16um to 18um
    Coating flexibility (T-bend)Polyester paint≥3T3T
    Color different ΔE≦2.0(follow color sample)ΔE≦2.0
    Pencil hardness≧HB≧2H
    Chemical resistance 2%HCI or 2%NaOH test in 24 hours -No change No change 
    Coating adhesion≧1grade for 10810mm2gridding test1grade
    Resist solvent 100times with Dimethylebnzene without changeNo change 
    Boiling water resistance 2 hours without change No change 
    Peeling strength/stripping strength 

    Average ≧5N/mm of 180oc peel off

     for panel with 0.21mm alu.skin

    Impact test for paint 20KG.cm impact-paint no split for panel No split 
    Abrasion resistance (L/Mil)NILNIL
    Temperature resistance 

    -40℃ to +80℃ temperature without change of color

     difference and paint peel off,peeling 

    strength average dropprate≦10% 

    Change of glossy only,no paint 
    Peel off
    Cofficient of linear Thermal Expansion 100℃ temperature difference 2.4mm/n
    Detergent resistance (3%)ASTM D2248No change 

    Humidity Resistance 


    ASTM D2247No change 

    Salt spray resistance 

    (3000hrs,5% salt)

    ASTM B117No change 
    Resistance to Staining 

    600h radiate in 800W/M2 in humidity 

    condition,glossiness deviation less 

    grade 2,color difference ≦4.0

    No change 

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