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    NEITABOND NANO PVDF aluminum composite panel is coated with special NANO PVDF coating with excellent self-cleaning feature. It’s widely used in office buildings, shopping centers, industry building, airports, gas stations, such as air pollution requirements on the high places.

    Neitabond NANO coated aluminum composite panels are produced using a new and exciting NANO PAINT technology. A clear water soluble NANO coat is applied over our 2 or 3 coat PVDF coating to enhance the performance of the coated panels weatherability and durability resulting in longer color and gloss retention. The nano coating changes the molecular structure of the paint by sealing off any air gaps between connecting molecules making the surface both lipophobic and hydrophobic (oil and water Resistant) This prevents dirt, water, permanent spray paint, carbon monoxide, grease, oil or any foreign particles to penetrate through the paint surface. In addition, the NANO coating is a non-toxic, VOC EMISSION FREE coating system, which makes the surface self –cleaning and repellent to air-borne pollutants.

    Nano 插圖1 Nano 插圖2


    Click the colour surface to change the view.

    Soft white or bright red? Solid colours are always a good choice when a uniform appearance without special effects is required.

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    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    For exact colour matching,

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    For exact colour matching,

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    For exact colour matching,

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    For exact colour matching,

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    For exact colour matching,

    Please contact us.

    Raw material:

    Base material: high strength aluminum alloy sheet

    PE core material: non-toxic low density polyethylene

    Surface coating: NANO PVDF coating

    Back coating: primer coating

    Product properties

    Excellent easy-cleaning

    Pollution resistance

    Oil resistance

    Good friction resistance

    Strong acid & alkali resistance

    Outstanding weather resistance


    Wall curtain, Cladding and Facade

    Roof edges and Parapet wall

    Dado, Separation wall and Partition

    Interior wall, Ceiling, Bathroom, Kitchen and Balcony

    Advertisement boards, display platforms and signboards

    Column covers and Beam wraps

    Industrial materials, vehicle and boat materials

    Aluminum alloy AA1100  AA3003
    Aluminum skin 0.21mm,0.30mm,0.35mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.5mm
    Panel thickness 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
    Panel width 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm
    Panel length 2440mm,3050mm,4050mm
    Surface treatment NANO PVDF
    Colors70 colors, special colors available upon request
    Customers sizeaccepted

    Panel width: ±2mm        

    Panel length:±3mm

    Panel thickness: ±0.2mm    

    Panel diagonal: ≤5mm

    Aluminum sheet thickness: ±0.02mm

    Description Test standard NANO PVDF
    Thickness of coating PVDF paint≧34um35um to 37um
    Coating flexibility (T-bend)Polyester paint≥2T2T
    Color different ΔE≦2.0(follow color sample)ΔE<2.0
    Pencil hardnessISO 15184:1998 Section 105H
    Chemical resistance 

    5%HCI or 5% NaOH test in

    24 hours -No change

    No change 
    Coating adhesionISO 15184:1998 Section 6

    The edges of the cut are 

    completely smooth

    ,none of the square of the 

    lattice is detached.

    Resist solvent No change for 200 times(MEK)No change 
    Boiling water resistance EN438-2:2005 Section 12

    Rating 5,no visible change.

    Average change of mass:

     0.08%;Average change of thickness:1.36%

    Peeling strength/

    stripping strength 

    BS EN319:19932.4N/mm2
    Impact test for paint ISO6272-1:2002 Section 8

    The coating not crack or peel after

     2kg weight ball dropped from 1.5m height

    Abrasion resistance 


    ISO7784-2:1997 Section 8

    The abrasive rubber wheel: 

    Taber H-22;

     the cycles number:100; 

    the mean loss mass:91mg

    Temperature resistance EN438-2:2005 Section 19Rating 4, change of gloss only

    Coefficient of linear 

    Thermal Expansion 

    ISO11359-2;1999 Section 71.3x10-4K
    Detergent resistance (3%)ASTM D2248No change 

    Humidity Resistance 


    ASTM D2247No change 

    Salt spray resistance 

    (3000hrs,5% salt)

    ASTM B117No change 
    Resistance to Staining EN438-2:2005 Section 26Rating 5,no visible change

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