Thursday 3 November 2011

Enlightened Detachment- How smart is that!

I subscribe to a series of great resources that support my own learning. Much of it comes in great bite sized learning lessons. This one really resonated with me because it touches the heart of my philosophy about the role of selling in business.
The author is Michael Oliver and he cunningly calls what he does "Oliver's Twist on Selling". It is often very insightful. This one is great and here's the link:

I believe that selling is really straight forward when you adhere to fundamental guiding principles. The key one is to tune into what the client actually wants rather than what you're trying to sell.

Having learned this a long time ago I'm in no doubt it has helped me build a growing and successful Coaching practice. Here's my take on this topic:

1. Everyone wants to be seen as a "Trusted Advisor", yet how many of us are prepared to pay the price to become one with ANY of our Clients...?

2. Selling in the 21st Century is about building Trust and Creating Value. That's about how you "show up" time after time with the same people. They can consistently predict your behaviour in a range of circumstances. It also tests where your priorities lie regarding who's agenda is most important. This takes Character and that has to be earned.

3. It's actually a really smart thing to do! Because it happens so rarely people gravitate towards it when they see it and they are happy to endorse you to other people. So they become advocates for you and want to see you succeed as well.

This is egalitarian in its purest sense, it's free to anyone who cares enough to bother to work and operate in this way. It also role models what's possible and that's Leadership. We always need more of that!

Hope you enjoy the article as much as I enjoyed writing about it! Your comments and feedback are very welcome.


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