Sunday 5 June 2011

The Power of Words

I recently came across this video clip on You Tube:

It's only 1min 48seconds long but it's poignant irrespective of how you feel about the people who are advertising. It shows how a blind man who cannot see what someone writes on his sign benefits from the creativity, presence of mind and generosity of a stranger. This stranger who as Jonathan Swift famously said "Saw the same as everyone else just thought something different" and changed this person's day and perhaps their life.

Is this a random act of kindness or just arrogance...? Hard to tell but it is effective. It reminds me of the fact that as a Coach I'm acutely aware that words are powerful when skillfully use and applied.

Many times words needs to be "proofed" and meaning verified as our interpretations can vary so significantly, other times we connect with the wisdom of the Universe. The message is universally clear. That's what happened here and it is simply beautiful. It's almost impossible not to be touched and moved by this scene. It transcends mere words yet the meaning's clear and very moving.

What did you make of it...?


Ciaran said...

Love this!

Alasdar Browne said...

Glad you like this, pretty cool and very symbolic. Thanks for takin ght time to comment. Alasdar.

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Ruth Wilber said...

That's a very tender video, I've seen it once because of the review of Writemypaper4me and it struck me with its simplicity.

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