Monday 13 September 2010

A Poem- Beautifully Clunky...!

This is a poem of unknown origin I'd like to share with you and invite comment on. It's Kiplingesque in style as it's a little clunky and awkward. It means a lot to me and I hope it resonates with you too. One of my bosses in my corporate life introduced me to it and I realise how much it still means to me.

"Isn't it funny that princes and kings
And clowns that caper in sawdust rings
And simple folks like you and me
Are builders of eternity...

For to each is given a bag of tools
A cobbler's last and a book of rules
And each must make 'ore the day is done
Either a stumbling block or a stepping stone"

What does it bring up for you....?


scottfj said...

I think it quite a clever little ditto type poem..
Unlike this Govt its short and sweet..

Alasdar Browne said...

Thanks Scott, so true! Think the post fromOct 18th may develop that theme a little further!
Regards and thanks for the comment,

Taddy said...

I had it from the headmistress of my school, 50 some odd years ago. The wording is is bit different, instead of "a cobbler's last" it is "a lump of clay." It resonated with me when I was 15 and still does. Life has beaten me up, but that I've had to fall back on. Wish I knew who wrote it. Thanks for posting it.

Alasdar Browne said...

Hi Taddy, it was a former boss of mine in J&J that introduced me to that poem. His reflection was it was all very Kiplineaque as in Rudyard Kipling. That was early days on being on line so I never took it further. We have choices in life. The future needn't resemble the past so I prefer to be a stepping stone for me and others...Thanks for commenting, appreciate you sharing your views. Always welcome. Apols for the tardy reply! Alasdar.