Monday 2 August 2010

What's Coaching REALLY about....? 5 Recurring Themes

I recently came across a video clip where a lot of research had been done with people who buy Coaching service. The findings were very interesting. It was reflective research on what descriptors ORGANISATIONS use when they define what Coaching is. Certainly worth knowing as it's revealing.

The 5 key recurring words that come up when describing Coaching were:

1. DEVELOPMENT:- Coaching + Development. It's not about fixing. It has a positive intention and is future looking. This is the only positive mindset that allows potential be realised.

2. RELATIONSHIPS:- These are vital in business and in life. We know this however the COACHING RELATIONSHIP is also critically important. Without it people won't be able to explore and allow themselves feel vulnerable (This is sometimes called "being powerfully vulnerably") 80% of time people ALREADY know where they need help. This allows this to happen quickly and access the other 20% where discovery is necessary.

3. DIRECTION:- People actually want to know what's expected of them! When handled properly Performance Management runs smoothly. Management's biggest failing here is not clarifying expectations. People have a right and a need to understand what's happening to them and the likely impact on their environment. They also want an opportunity to make a positive contribution.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY:- There's a stewardship that's required when leading and managing people. This allows them know through honest feedback where things are going well and where they need to improve. Accountability is not the same as 'blame' and 'finger pointing'. That's where politics and taking positions gets in the way of the work that should be getting done. Accountability is 'personal leadership'. This is ensuring what's yours gets done by you by the agreed date.

5. RESULTS:- we all want to win and succeed. In Coaching this is handled through the setting of clear goals and clarifying what the OUTCOMES meed to look like. Handled properly with positive intent and engagement by all sides there should be no surprises only those that positively exceed expectations.

I like these descriptions, like all lists they never cover everything but they cover the main points......... Care to share your experience...?


Allan Hawkins said...

These five recurring themes are really plays like a pillar in Coaching. And you describe each breifly. This is a nice way of blogging. Have a nice weekend

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