Monday 16 August 2010

What does it take to run a successful Coaching business...?

I recently took part in some research and one of the outputs I received was this gift below in the form of a summary. It resonated with me and wanted to pass it on. Even though the research referred specifically to developing a Coaching business, many of the points are relevant to any business.

The question, What does it take to run a successful Coaching business?

I've spoken to quite a few new coaches and some who have been running their businesses for many years. And although the answer to this question will be unique depending on your own business, desires and goals, I would like to share with you some of the tips from the people I have interviewed for my new book, 'The Secrets of Successful Coaches'.

1. All of the people I modelled know their values, with many of them being similar. In addition, these values are demonstrated in their business and are congruent with their business values.

2. They all have a strong belief in both themselves and their business.

3. They focus on what they want rather than what they don't want.

4. They start with the end in mind with a vision and plan for their business, even if this changes along the way.

5. They know how to get into a resourceful state and when they are in an unresourceful state.

6. They have or are learning the business skills to be even more successful.

7. They step out of their comfort zone every day and push themselves to achieve more.

8. They have a great support network of people around them.

9. They are great coaches with a track record as well as successful in business.

10. They have an energy and focus towards their clients' success.

11. They take action!

Do you have anything to add...? Please comment and share your own experiences.


Paul said...

They always here "no" as "not just yet"

Sam said...

Considering these factors, you can definitely run a successful coaching business. Thanks for sharing.

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