Monday 30 August 2010

Jack Canfield on Goals and Purpose

I'm part of a network of Coaches across Europe called Eurocoach. Mostly the discussions are from Coaches from UK and Ireland. It's also a great go to place and rich in discussion and Learning. A great guy called Martin Goodyear shares his blog posts and I want to acknowledge his as the source of this by offering a link to his website: Last week's video was also from his site. Jack Canfield is well known as the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" guy. I'd not heard him speak before and this video is a short clip from a talk he gave on Goals and linking that to our on Purpose. He's also linked to "The Secret" (a book I possess but have to admit have not yet read). What he says makes a lot of sense.

The Video clip is powerful as it offers simple pointers under 3 headings:

- Ask, Believe, Receive. The focus of the Video segment is on "ASK"
Firstly, he suggests to take stock of the things we want to change ad be mindful of the language. Focus on the positives. What you want not what you don't want. We attract what we think about. The practical step I liked was to make what he calls an "Irritation List". List all the things that annoy you, big and small. Start with the SMALL stuff and get it cleared...Why...? This is powerful, if you clear the small stuff you don't settle for seeing it not done. If you get the small stuff done you'll get to the bigger stuff. Do the small stuff regularly and monthly or quarterly attack the bigger stuff. Your horisons widen and you gain momentum. That IS insightful.

Then, list the 101 Goals you want to achieve in your lifetime. Then break into smaller, closer goals this year, this month this quarter etc. Make them SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE. I want to book a family holiday for last week of October. "I want to lose 5K by September 30th" etc. Beware, vague inputs = vague outputs. There are 7 categories that we can put Goals into and most of these are familiar.

The final piece I really liked was this exercise is about getting clear on the "WHAT" you want to achieve. This lies at the heart of "PURPOSE". Once we're clear on these things and have put some actions in place to make them happen, the Universe works alongside us to make the "HOW" happen. These are the nice coincidences, the serendipitous things, the unlikely occurrences that visit and enrich our lives. I see that as payback for taking the time and effort to become clear and committed to what's most important to us and how we can make our best contribution with the gifts and talents we have.

This impressed me more than I expected and it offers a neat and easy to apply framework to make this happen.

Your views on this topic would be very welcome.

Monday 23 August 2010

Stop Trying and Start Succeeding

Recently I was forwarded this You Tube video and wanted to share it with you. Some of you may find this a little cheesy. Apologies if you do, but I disagree, and think the sentiment and the symbolism are where the learning's based.

Too often in life we tend to 'try'. The inference is we've already failed or don't expect much to happen. When we give things all we have we tend to succeed more often than not. Nelson Mandela was so right when he said "we're not afraid of the dark, we're more afraid of the light". We've been programmed over many years to believe certain things to be true about ourselves. We're completely surprised when others see abilities in us we don't believe we possess. That's why it's nigh on impossible to succeed alone. We need help to grow into bigger versions of ourselves and the encouragement of others to bring out the latent talent and potential others see in us.

Let me know your thoughts on the video and what it brings up for you...

Monday 16 August 2010

What does it take to run a successful Coaching business...?

I recently took part in some research and one of the outputs I received was this gift below in the form of a summary. It resonated with me and wanted to pass it on. Even though the research referred specifically to developing a Coaching business, many of the points are relevant to any business.

The question, What does it take to run a successful Coaching business?

I've spoken to quite a few new coaches and some who have been running their businesses for many years. And although the answer to this question will be unique depending on your own business, desires and goals, I would like to share with you some of the tips from the people I have interviewed for my new book, 'The Secrets of Successful Coaches'.

1. All of the people I modelled know their values, with many of them being similar. In addition, these values are demonstrated in their business and are congruent with their business values.

2. They all have a strong belief in both themselves and their business.

3. They focus on what they want rather than what they don't want.

4. They start with the end in mind with a vision and plan for their business, even if this changes along the way.

5. They know how to get into a resourceful state and when they are in an unresourceful state.

6. They have or are learning the business skills to be even more successful.

7. They step out of their comfort zone every day and push themselves to achieve more.

8. They have a great support network of people around them.

9. They are great coaches with a track record as well as successful in business.

10. They have an energy and focus towards their clients' success.

11. They take action!

Do you have anything to add...? Please comment and share your own experiences.

Monday 9 August 2010

The Magic of Teams.....

I really like this poster. Came across a quote I really liked that said "It's never great work if you're doing it alone". It resonated mainly because I believe it to be true! Teams take on a life of their own and are unique to themselves. The magic, the glue is often indefinable. It's the part between the parts if you like. One thing we do know s when it works and is really in sync then the whole is so much greater than the sum of the parts.

This is really one of the true beauties and wonders of our world.

As we retreat into August and we hit that seasonal slow time, take a moment to reflect on how your team (or teams) operate and what might be possible if they operated as real high performers.

Monday 2 August 2010

What's Coaching REALLY about....? 5 Recurring Themes

I recently came across a video clip where a lot of research had been done with people who buy Coaching service. The findings were very interesting. It was reflective research on what descriptors ORGANISATIONS use when they define what Coaching is. Certainly worth knowing as it's revealing.

The 5 key recurring words that come up when describing Coaching were:

1. DEVELOPMENT:- Coaching + Development. It's not about fixing. It has a positive intention and is future looking. This is the only positive mindset that allows potential be realised.

2. RELATIONSHIPS:- These are vital in business and in life. We know this however the COACHING RELATIONSHIP is also critically important. Without it people won't be able to explore and allow themselves feel vulnerable (This is sometimes called "being powerfully vulnerably") 80% of time people ALREADY know where they need help. This allows this to happen quickly and access the other 20% where discovery is necessary.

3. DIRECTION:- People actually want to know what's expected of them! When handled properly Performance Management runs smoothly. Management's biggest failing here is not clarifying expectations. People have a right and a need to understand what's happening to them and the likely impact on their environment. They also want an opportunity to make a positive contribution.

4. ACCOUNTABILITY:- There's a stewardship that's required when leading and managing people. This allows them know through honest feedback where things are going well and where they need to improve. Accountability is not the same as 'blame' and 'finger pointing'. That's where politics and taking positions gets in the way of the work that should be getting done. Accountability is 'personal leadership'. This is ensuring what's yours gets done by you by the agreed date.

5. RESULTS:- we all want to win and succeed. In Coaching this is handled through the setting of clear goals and clarifying what the OUTCOMES meed to look like. Handled properly with positive intent and engagement by all sides there should be no surprises only those that positively exceed expectations.

I like these descriptions, like all lists they never cover everything but they cover the main points......... Care to share your experience...?