Monday 7 June 2010

What the Science REALLY says about Motivation

I recently had this link sent to me by a friend of mine and wanted to share this with you too. The link's here and well worth the 10 minutes you'll spend watching it.
It does turn the whole idea of what we know about Motivation on it's head and seems to be replicated in different societies. It is also highly counter-intuitive! It highlighted a few things for me:

- We are all individual, so we are different...yet it would appear, we're all the amazing the human condition!

- Unless you get to REALLY KNOW your people you have even LESS of a clue about what motivates them.

- People don't work purely on a 'binary' basis. It's not either 'good' or 'bad'. There's a lot of grey in our world and that's where the action is.

Some of the core tenets of Coaching absolutely apply here:

- Treat ALL people with the same level of respect
- Suspend your own beliefs and judgements and tune into what really makes your people tick
- Focus on their POTENTIAL not their history. Where we're headed is way more important than where we've been no matter how significant that's been.

Finally I'd suggest we stop being lazy and 'throwing money and rewards' at problems. It does not work as we're all knowledge workers these days. It's not compatible with 21st C living either.
We care about Purpose, Mastery and Autonomy start putting those enablers in place and see what happens......... My sense is a lot of good stuff happens!

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