Monday 31 May 2010

Some Questions Google Cannot Answer-Have Faith!

I'm fortunate enough to be able to take our daughter to school on a daily basis. Recently a sign was erected in front of the church in Dundrum where she goes to school. I noticed it made me smile every time I saw it. Today I took a photograph and thought it the best advertisement I'd seen anywhere for a church bar none..!

It's award winning material no question. It also links with a great quote I heard from Ronan Tynan (one of The Irish Tenors) when he was being interviewed on TV-AM a few weeks ago. He was talking about Faith. He used a great line to describe it: "Faith is the food that feeds the bird that sings in the dark" The bird being the voice in our heads which lies in the dark recesses of our minds. The singing I took to be what the Psychologists call "autosuggestion". This is the human ability to put positive and/or negative thoughts into our own heads. Henry Ford famously said "whether you think you can or can't you're absolutely right". So true! The problem with the human brain is it does not have a brain!! So what does that tell us...? We have to train our brain to do what we want it to do. It's as easy to train it to work for us as not. Of course this requires effort and time. The need to put positive thoughts into our brain is that they seep into our subconscious mind and that over time informs what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world. I find it also helps us acquire vital new skills (we notice what we want and need and go after it) In this space also we end up meeting people who are actually there to help us, as if they just turned up when we most need them! How often has that happened to you...? It's happened a lot to me. When I think positive things, good things tend to happen when I'm not fussy about what gets into my mind, good things tend not to happen. Even if I was just superstitious, I'd be inclined to stick with the positives!

So, we're talking about Faith! Not in any deep spiritual way (and I believe that is also important) but in regard to how important it is in our everyday lives. I personally struggle with this. It does not come easy to me. Having recently been exposed to a variety of things on Visualisation and how powerful it is, it all came back to a common root; FAITH. What I've become clearer about is that without Faith we have no control over what type of thoughts are running through our minds.

Autosuggestion is the ability to put whatever thoughts you want into your head and preferably positive ones. The idea being that these are transmitted out into the wider Universe and attract similar thoughts which can eventually come back to you and make what you wish for turn into a reality.

I used to think not alone was this hard work, but, all a bit too fanciful to be true. Then I asked myself, why when we write down our GOALS on a sheet of paper, work out how they will happen and revisit them regularly, they tend to happen...? The answer is when we revisit them we put the notion into our heads that this is what we want to achieve and this I believe helps make goal happen. Your mind helps you turn that DECISION into a REALITY.

Only 3-5% of people in the world have clear Goals that they engage meaningfully with. They somehow happen to be the most financially independent and often times very balanced, centred and CALM of people. They're self made....They've won the battle of the mind. The mind now works for them! This is no coincidence.

This is then essentially simple (to understand) just not easy (to make happen!) Recently I uncovered a formula that worked for me. I'd like to share that with you: When I chunk things down they have a better chance of happening. I now build OUT from today, then next week and then next month. I found the 5 year view too far away and then too vague. I recently decided to become aerobically fit by June 1st. What I did was combine this with other things that I'm also poor at (avoiding chocolate, getting enough sleep and getting regular exercise). I now COMBINE these activities (so they're like mini-goals) and this I find makes it more attractive for me to stay on track. You can of course say there is no reward and you close off everything you like. I find that works for me. If another combination works for you go with that. I call the major goal "SELF-CARE" and attach the other ones to it. That way I have a VARIETY of reasons to stay on track rather than one thing I may just blow off at any time if I have an off day. This then becomes a HABIT and habits are what we REPEATEDLY DO............This is not an act of God, but it does require Faith. I also read that when we really believe something we're then READY to acquire it. This just started recently for me and the readiness bit rings true.... Would really like your comments on this as I'm really energised by this right now........

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