Monday 22 March 2010

The Payoff of Mastery-The 10,000 Hour Rule

A Coaching colleague of mine referred me to Malcolm Gladwell's book called 'Outliers'. Here's a link to it on Amazon;
One of the Chapters talks about the price of Mastery. It was put at 10,000 Hours. It seems to be the same for anything. Music, sport, profession. There are various examples, Bill Gates, Bill Joy (Sun Microsystems) the Beatles in Hamburg. The reality is it took approx 10,000 hours to achieve Mastery. This is also the equivalent of 10 years. Some commitment and special kinds of people. Some may call them nerds I call them great. Why...? Because they have enough clarity of purpose and ambition to dedicate their lives to excelling at ONE THING...........

Here's a cut down version of a book by Steve Siebold The secrets of the World Class' (How to turn Mediocrity into Greatness) Here's a link to a section of the book. It takes 3 minutes to view. In the end this is all a CHOICE and great people are not interested in doing things on the grounds of ego. They have a cause and a burning desire to excel. Not to be better than other more subtly to become the best they can be. Such a welcome relief after all the mediocrity that seems to be required today. Many people say the recession has killed the Market. I say it has MADE the Market. Why...? It has forced more and more of us to become Masters of what we do. Most of us are not that brilliant at what we do. Yet we have great abilities which we choose to neglect. I believe this is a necessary wake-up call to simply become better and start to operate at the level we could if we bothered. Once you get on this track you enjoy a sense of exhilaration that any junkie would envy. All because it's sustained and real!

So, ask yourself what could YOU excel at and instead of leaving yourself to rue the time past and future to get there. Just take the next step to engage in what Tim Freke calls 'Lucid Living' or living on purpose. Once you begin this journey life becomes calmer and you do become much more free.

My own view is when we take the time and effort to locate and detest our best talents and deepest passions we do NOT compete with anyone...Why? We tap into our own uniqueness and we don't trip over others on the way to work. In fact we are more disposed to collaboration and abundance. In this space there is always plenty. You must make the time to create the space to allow you turn it into something. That's the stuff of legacy.

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