Monday 8 March 2010

Great Places to Work Survey-2010

The annual Great Places To Work (GPTW) survey was published recently. You can view a link to the report here: This is a TRUST based survey that is completed anonymously by the employees and feedback to the organisation. It rolls up into a total TRUST score across approx 5 dimensions. Annually the Top 20 are recognised. This year they published the Top 20 above 250 employees and below 250 which allows a wider range of entrants. I'm a great fan of this type of 'climate survey'. There are many reasons for this:

  1. It shows real intent by Leaders to have their own work critiqued by their own staff
  2. It displays real Courage to be able to take Feedback without knowing what it may entail
  3. History shows that businesses that engage with GPTW outperform the stock market significantly (so it's an enlightened and smart thing to do)

The most 'current' author on Trust is Stephen M.R. Covey (son of Stephen R. Covey of '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' fame). What this survey reveals for Leaders running companies is embodied in what Covey Jnr talks about in his work 'The Speed of Trust'. He says when Trust goes up, a business enjoys a 'dividend', the payoff is more speed and greater engagement and productivity. When Trust is low what you get is a 'tax', low speed and greater cost. The number 1 trait that comes out of all the surveys when people are asked about Leaders is 'Integrity and Trust'....When you score well in these surveys it shows your people believe in what you're doing and that your actions are in line with your words. This gives Leadership Credibility and real authority...Moral authority. Check out a link to Covey's website. It's worth the visit...he's very much a chip off the old block...!

Did YOUR Leadership Team engage in this survey....? If not ask them why not. If they're real Leaders they will be able to answer that question both quickly and authentically.

Your comments as always are very welcome.

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