Monday 15 March 2010

Ernest Shackleton's 10 Leadership Strategies

Ever wondered why some people just seem to 'get' what Leadership is about and others don't...? Earnest Shackleton was certainly one who did. Like many iconic figures he was a complex, controversial and to many inconsistent in his behaviour. One thing for certain if you were stranded in the South Pole, you'd rather have him as your Leader than most others. He had 10 Leadership Strategies which have been adopted my many leading companies in the past few years to help 'navigate' these uncertain times. Lean more here:

I attended a seminar last year where Microsoft looked to his 10 Strategies as a means of 'navigating' these uncertain times. This was a very smart move. It was fresh, innovative and morover it was supremely relevant.
Here are the 10 Strategies Shackleton used as his Guiding Principles
  1. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal and focus on the short term objectives

  2. Set a personal example with visible memorable, symbols of behaviour

  3. Instill optimism and Self-confidence but remain grounded in reality

  4. Take care of yourself. Maintain your stamina and let go of guilt

  5. Reinforce the team message consistently- 'We are one, we live or die together'

  6. Minimise staff differences. Insist on courtesy and mutual respect

  7. Master conflicts, engage dissidents and avoid needless power struggles

  8. Find something to celebrate and something to laugh about

  9. Be willing to take the big risk

  10. Never give up, there's always another move
These are simply stunning and breathtakingly relevant. If we were to take ANY of these and put them into practice we'd be better people let alone Leaders. Working on ALL of these over time would simply take us to another level... That's effectively what Shackleton did and why his iconic status endures. He's earned it!

Your feedback on this most extraordinary and extravagant of men is most welcome.