Monday 15 February 2010

"A Tender Warrior"- The Hal Moore Story

This is without doubt a moving story. I'd heard of him and the movie, but, was largely oblivious to the extent and scale of General Hal Moore's accomplishments.
He's rated in the top 100 Generals of all time.
  1. In 2 major wars, he never lost a man, had a POW or a missing in action
  2. His were 'the first boots on the battle field and the last off'- What a role model.

This is a link to a short 3 minute video with him describing at age 86 what the most important attributes of a Leader are.....

These points really resonated with me:

  • Look for the Will to Win in all you do, in all you people- It is the WE factor We Endure
  • Inspire Public Trust-Without it you have nothing (no mandate for war I guess as well)
  • Combat to Comrade- In war there are no winners only survivors- Make peace with your enemy
  • Live life abundantly; He skied and climbed into his 70's/80's. Trust your body and don't let the niggles ever get the better of you!
  • His slogan was always "drive on"....We are all Leaders and that's what Leaders do

These clips and insights inspire me and that's their aim. Not to turn anyone into General Hal Moore, but to inspire us to BECOME the best we can. That's Leadership of the highest order...because it's Personal Leadership and it's where it all starts.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Your comments on this would be most welcome.

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