Monday 1 February 2010

The Road To Failure Is Paved With Good Intentions....

This is a quote attributed to a man called W.Clement Stone. At his peak in the 1930-1950's he was listed as the 12th wealthiest man in the world. He made his fortune selling Insurance and was indeed a very wise man. Our actions, not our words define us.

So, as we begin yet another year, as a Coach a question I ask myself is; "How can I set this year up for success?" A lofty enough question, but a fundamentally good one. A question each of us must be able to answer if we want the year to turn out as we expected not as it 'just happened'.

Much of this success is about having Goals. I don't know about you but I've always struggled with this. I got bored with goals and later realised they weren't really my Goals or what I really wanted. Why?...I didn't know what I wanted and equally importantly I didn't know WHAT or HOW to make them happen........... I do now, but I still find this difficult. Good Coaches I feel should be like real parents. When was the last time you heard anyone say; "Our Johnnie, he's a great guy, but he's really quite average at many things. He's got a few things he excels at and we help him with that. The rest is really just a struggle".........??

Yet when we understand the 'bell curve' and see how things are normally distributed a good 6/10 of what we say is probably not real. My aim is not to change anyone's life here, just to share a few things that work. Firstly here are some things I really struggle with despite what I know... Hope this normalises what you read and encourages you to read on!

- I need to do exercises to rehabilitate my knee so I can get back to walking (which I love)

- I need to get more sleep, the discipline around this is really challenging

- I have an appallingly sweet tooth. I give up goodies at least weekly and often daily........

You see, Coaches are people too! In our line of work we call this self-sabotage or hijacking. I know what's happening, it often makes it all harder...! So what to do?

There's a great saying that runs; "When you're not sure what to do next, just take the next step" That's what I've been doing, taking baby steps. I'm surprised at how far you can travel when you take small steps regularly. A little often is better than hit and miss. My background is in Sales & Marketing, notorious for over-estimating what's realistic! This year I gave myself a month to do what I'd have expected to achieve (and never did) in a week. I now feel I can do more and quicker. Success is a habit and momentum gets built through discipline and focus. I now look forward to February having built on a sensible but meaningful January.

If your own January hasn't been all you'd like, why not re-set your goals over 11 months and start again....Who said you too could not make your own rules..!

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