Monday 18 January 2010

Great Service Comes From The Heart

I came across a gem that shows just how much difference anyone can make. The essence is this is a young guy of 19 with a disability whose job is packing groceries in a grocery store. He was inspired to make the experience of the people who came into his store personal and memorable. To see what he did just follow this link, it's very simple and very special; ...Why? Because it comes from the HEART?

A couple of things occurred to me while watching this:

  1. Anyone can make a difference, you just need to care enough.
  2. The more personal it is the more people notice and the greater the difference.
  3. Making people feel good about themselves while dealing with you is really important.

All selling and service is influenced by emotion no matter how much we apply mental processes to it. What I've grown to appreciate in my work as a Coach is that getting the balance right between thinking and feeling is really important. Can you imagine the word of mouth conversations these people have with friends? It's hardly about the cost of groceries, it's actually about a brilliant 'Customer Experience'. How often we spend so much time artificially pumping this when in fact it's free to each of us all the time. The milk of human kindness is really a CHOICE.........

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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