Monday 7 December 2009

The Eisenhower Matrix....Understand your own 'relationship' with Time

Stephen Covey's credited with devising the 'Time Matrix'. Many of you who've been on Time Management/Personal Effectiveness programmes will know about this. The originator of this was in fact Dwight D Eisenhower, WW2 general and later President of the USA. What he did was brilliant. When presented with a problem he routinely asked 2 questions.....

1. Is this Important..?

2. Is it Urgent..?

If the answer was NO to both he did not get involved! Here's a great 5 min sketchcast which explains the Time Matrix better than anything I've seen or tried myself. Here's the link;

Most people who engage a Coach are busy. Good Coaches use this approach as it does 2 fundamental things.
  1. It creates space. This allows room to look at what you do and space to make changes.
  2. It clarifies your own work patterns. These can be difficult to spot accurately on your own.

Without such an approach, you do not have any real framework to make decisions about things. This is an essential building block, it then highlights other areas to work on. Common skill gaps this throws up are; decision making, problem solving, learning how to say 'No', planning, scheduling, diary management. Nothing in itself is a panacea, but with the correct building blocks in the correct order you will improve quickly and continue to get better over time.

What's your own Achilles heel?!

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