Monday 12 October 2009

Potential v Performance (P=p-i)

This is a great and really simple principle which explains beautifully what Coaching is all about. One of the founding fathers of Coaching, Tim Gallwey, was the first person I heard talk about this principle. This is the link to his site; His findings are as fascinating today as in the 1970's.
He was a tennis coach and he found when people learned how to learn and tuned into the present moment their game improved. When they focused on what WORKED for THEM instead of MAKING MISTAKES their game improved remarkably. See how this is so useful at work??!

This got him to think that there is a real link between what goes on in our heads (our Inner Game) and what's happening in the environment (the Outer Game). P= p-i was born. So what does that actually mean?

P= Potential (what we're capable of doing when we perform at our best)
p= performance (what happens in a given situation. Meeting your boss, giving a speech etc)
i= interference (any factor, internal or external which affects performance)

In a nutshell this means we can perform to our potential all the time if we don't let things interfere with our performance...! When training to become a Coach this was a 'Wow' moment. It really crystallised things for me. A good Coach helps you understand your own interferences and helps you put in place strategies that will work for you to overcome them.

If we continue to do this regularly we manage our own limitations and over time turn weaknesses into strengths. Try it out and see what it can do for you.


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