Friday 2 October 2009

Doing a DEAR..........

Do you ever 'do a DEAR'..?
Of course this is an acronym which I thank a Coaching colleague for. DEAR is simply "Drop Everything And Review''

  • Are you addicted to urgency (always firefighting?)
  • Do you get stressed in a way that prevents you from thinking straight?
  • Are you continually battling with 'overwhelm'...?

If so, take a quick time out and assess the situation. As a Coach you develop some powerful questions for these situations. Here are a few you can ask yourself;

- What's the most productive thing I can do right now?

- If I could only focus on one thing right now what would that be?

- Who do I know who operates really well in this type of situation- what would they do?

This is a simple technique that can give you back vital perspective and get you back on track. If you take it seriously you will, over time, reform the way you think, and operate. Your productivity and overall effectiveness will go up exponentially.

Hope it works for you too!

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