Friday 18 September 2009

The Golden Rule gives way to the Platinum Rule

I came across a saying recently worthy of a short blog post. Many of us are familiar with the 'Golden Rule'- 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Nice when it happens! The Platinum Rule goes a step beyond that. It states: Do unto others as they would do unto THEMSELVES'.
That got my attention and it takes your assessment and awareness processes to another level altogether. It also shifts the emphasis away from yourself by factoring in the needs and wants of other people. So this actually just 'saves me from myself !'

When playing with this new learning during the week, I was struck by 2 things I feel I got 'for free' from this insight;

1. It neutralised my own agenda and helped give me a more balanced perspective.

2. It also helped my decision-making and saved me from the trap of needlessly short-changing others.

Look how the emphasis changes when you alter just 1 word -'you' to 'themselves' !. Try it out, it may also work for you.

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