Wednesday 3 June 2009

Why the Best Sales People Remain The Best

Many people ask; 'What's the secret 'ingredient' of great sales people?' In the programmes I teach this is my own 'Power of 3'

1. Overwhelming Drive to Succeed. This is vital. As Paul Arden the late Advertising guru famously said: "Energy's 75% of the Job. If you haven't got nice!" They back themselves and refuse to be beaten by anything. (This is entirely trainable)

2. They set Goals. Only 3% of people have written down their goals and the steps to achieving them. We completely control this one but mostly don't believe in our own goals. The best really do and take time to review them seriously. They keep their Drive topped up by using Goals to achieve the success they want. (Trainable- A Choice)

3. They excel at Managing Relationships with a wide range of people. They Communicate brilliantly, they Listen naively and they ask brilliant Questions. This is how they solve problems. That's what Cients want and how Selling's done. No wonder they're busy...........! You can't achieve your Goals if you can't get on with a range of people (Trainable as well)

Selling's easy, we make it difficult. My own reframe is simple: "There is nothing but need in the Business world, therefore the limiting factor is my ability to match client need to to my skills".
If you expect to be busy you will be...keep believing and keep learning that way you stay both fresh and current. You have to pay a price to be good at anything, but it's worth it when you do!

Is what you're doing working.........? If not why you still doing it?!
Tell me what is and isn't working, perhaps we can help each other.


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