Friday 22 May 2009

The Role of Profiles in Selling

Many people think that profiles are not valuable in Selling, I disagree. It's easy to see how they can be misplaced and used incorrectly to 'label' people. The more enlightened amongst you will know they're simply there to help you and the prospective buyer build rapport by understanding each other better. The salesperson needs to lead this process. Let's be honest, the buyer is unlikely to!

These profiles are usually split into 4 Styles/types. These are often called by different names but usually refer to the same or similar things:

1. Drivers (Dominant, Outgoing types)- Need to be in control, move fast and decide quickly
2. Expressives (Influencers)- Get results by Influencing others and can be very persuasive
3. Amiables (Helpers, Steady)- Support others, good in Teams and like stability and harmony
4. Analyticals (Conscientious, Observers)- like things done accurately and to a high standard

What's the value of knowing this? If you know how you present to the world and how the person in front of you likes to be dealt with you are likely to get along better faster with more people.
As humands we specialise in making things difficuly, so here's a few tips!

1. Use this information as a guide only. This is not the full story but will provide valuable clues
2. We have each of these tendencies in our make-up, look for clues...Pay attention!
3. Validate with fact, ask questions to establish your reading of trhe situation is accurate.

The biggest benefit of these tools is they help us start our own journey of Self-discovery. This usually makes us more interesting and easier to get along with...Gets my vote!

What's your experience??

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