Friday 10 April 2009

What is Continuous Improvement.......??

Sounds daunting and difficult! The world of long thin people with big brains. It has some science but it's actually more a mind-set and a habit. I'm very right brained (creative, idea generator, see options etc) yet I owe a lot of my business education to Six Sigma training. Here are 3 things you can do to improve Quality in your business TODAY.

Tom Peters co-wrote a book called 'In Search of Excellence'. It got panned, because he chose many companies who were excellent but subsequently failed. Not his fault really, but his simple principles are transferable to any Business. Quality happens when many small things are done consistently well and when you repeatedly look for ways to do the basics better.

  1. 1,000% principle- Take 1,ooo small things and improve them by 1% each at a time. The accumulated effect is staggering over time. Look for easy opportunities to improve TODAY.
  2. Listen to the Customer Naively- Let them speak first and listen with a real intent to understand. They will in many cases be staggered you stop talking for a change!
  3. Have a Bias for Action- The late Paul Arden (Advertising Guru) once said "Energy, it's 75% of the job. If you haven't go it nice ". This is a frame of mind. It shows you respect your Customers by responding quickly. It also deals with procrastination!

Quality is a state of mind. When you care about fulfilling promises to Customers and genuinely believe their success is what secures yours then, quality is guaranteed as an outcome.

Too many people think this pie in the sky. Just ask yourself, is this how YOU would like to be treated as a Customer........? Why would this not work then for everyone...........??

As I often say if this is where the bar is set, it wouldn't take a lot to be good then would it??!

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