Friday 3 July 2009

Motivation........Inside out, not outside in

Another building block you must understand if you want to succeed in life, at work at home or in your community is motivation. People dance around motivation like it's some big mystery. It's quite simple. Here are some facts you may know but if you're like me you won't always have used them properly!

  1. You cannot Motivate another person. All you can do is put in place conditions which encourage them to want to do things for themselves (Their Journey is different to yours!!)
  2. It's important to differentiate between MOTIVATORS and SATISFIERS. We often get them confused. Your salary, working conditions, and benefits package do not motivate. Why? People believe they are entitled to these anyway and they just get absorbed over time into people's lifestyles. What Motivates me may only barely Satisfy you etc...
  3. The Golden Rule of people management is to park your own assumptions and ASK other people what's important to THEM? Those who aren't shocked will be amazed!!
  4. Motivation is in my opinion a 3 way axis: (a) Skill, can I do that which I want to? (b) Will- am I willing to learn, follow through or continue to do something irrespective of the challenges and finally (c) Readiness, this is often overlooked. Maturity is a personal thing. Think of how many times you told someone (esp your parents!) you realised it's time to start saving, give up smoking, build a career etc, they often say...'We've been telling you that for years...!' You just were not ready. Engage with this as a 3D model and you'll do much better. in and out of work.........

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