Tuesday 31 March 2009

Communication.......Just the Basics

Mike Gibson, the legendary Irish and Lions rugby player once said that doing the basics as if they were automatic allowed him to try new things with confidence. Many of these new things came off because the basics/fundamentals were in place. Why would such a talented player bother when he didn't need to....? Interesting question and one I wrestled with, but then I realised what he understood..........If you do the basics so well you can take risks with other parts of your game and develop these as well.......Smart guy!! The more I look at great performers the more I realise they actually practice more than anyone else. George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, Daley Thompson all spring to mind.

If the most important thing in our lives is the quality of our Relationships then what makes this happen? You guessed, the most vital of all human skills-the ability to Communicate. Yet most of us don't know the basics and may end up stumbling through life and work. As Leaders we're expected to be superb Communicators and yet 80% of my own Coaching enad Mentoring work is in this area. It's a vital building block and worth the effort to become great at this skill.

Just what are the Communication basics?
There are 3 aspects to it:
- Cycle- We give out messages (transmit) and they are received by others (receivers) like radio waves. How do we know people understand what we say?
- Style- We each have a style of Communication which may or may not be effective depending on the person we are with and how we accommodate their style into ours...ugly isn't it!
- Code- We use Words, Tone, and Body Language as do the people we communicate with.

To deal with all of these in one Blog Post would be unrealistic, so.................

If any of this seems like an area you need help with, get in touch, either leave a comment or send me an email and we can discuss more fully.

The most effective people in life and work are those who validate what they say and do and take the reactions of others into account. The world of Emotional Intelligence calls this EMPATHY.

Would love to hear your challenges/success stories in this area.

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