Friday 6 February 2009

TRUST- Why it's such a workplace problem.....

I was gifted a great 1 line explanation of Trust: "Believing something will be so, when right now, it is not so". One of the thought leaders on Trust is Stephen M.R. Covey, his book 'The Speed of Trust' is well worth a read. Read more here:

Trust is 2 sided:

  1. Character- Who you are- Your Integrity and your Intent
  2. Competence- What you can do- Your Track Record

Both of these are what make you Credible as a Leader or incredible if you have both! This is not either or it is BOTH. Mostly today what I see is people with plenty of ability in both areas but limited by weak beliefs and poor communication skills. The world of frustrated ability.
We find it hard to respect talented people who have poor people skills (on the grounds of arrogance and superiority, i.e. how they make us FEEL) Similarly a 'nice guy' surgeon whose skills are outdated who has an indifferent track record would would not inspire confidence if you need your coronary arteries re-plumbed (-fear of what will HAPPEN to us) These are normal feelings. How do you rate yourself in these 2 areas??

The role of the Leader then is to Inspire Trust. Here's 2 simple things to do right away:

  1. Keep the promises you make, tell people why when you can't and what you can do
  2. Commit to improving all the time. Famous US Football Coach. Don Shula, famously said: 'there is no short walk to excellence, you need to train hard every day' You don't need permission to do that, it's a frame of mind and you actually control that, unlike many things around us at present.

This is the 'Beating Heart of Leadership'. Trust is the one variable YOU control that changes everything...........What are your Trust issues?!

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