Friday 23 January 2009

Where have all the LEADERS gone........??

Leadership is greatly misunderstood. In essence it's a CHOICE people make, either to do something or not as the case may be. There is a great saying "The fish always rots from the head" If you can't be sure Leadership exists in your Business...the chances are it doesn't. It always starts with YOU as Leader. People are WATCHING and WAITING...Your move!

There are no accidents here! But it can be improved.
Here are 3 simple things you can do right now:
  1. Tell your People what you want to achieve, the part they play in it and how it will be done
  2. Tell them you can't do it alone and need their help and want their creativity to find new ways to succeed
  3. Remember to say 'Thanks'. Reward what works and learn from what doesn't. Learn, Change, Move on and Get Better!

This will see a marked improvement in engagement, results and work atmosphere....... Your business will begin to come alive.

What are YOU doing about Leadership in your Business....or are you just too busy and hoping this will be done by someone else?..........Big gamble........even bigger risk.

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