Tuesday 27 January 2009

"The Little Hinge That Swings The Big Door"

As a Business Mentor I'm shocked by the lack of Planning in Business. In my experience with Corporates, SME's or Owner Managers, it seems to matter little. I took a live poll during a Key Note Speech I delivered to 100 Business owners in City Hall, Dublin before Xmas and asked 2 simple Q's:
  1. How Many People here have a written Plan? ..90% did not
  2. How Many People here Follow their written Plan....20%...of 10% (= 2/100 or 2%)

This mirrors the famous Harvard research from 1979. Even there only 3% of Harvard Graduates had any concrete plans in place. Those that did out-performed the others by 600%!!

  • Would you get on a plane without a destination?
  • Would you take a lift from 'nice people' but not know where they were going?
  • Why is this seemingly OK at work?? Think about that...in the current climate-Crazy!!

Here's something that might help you, click on http://www.precisioncoach.ie/resources learn about a SIMPLE framework called S.O.S.T.A.C.

If you can use it on your own go ahead, if you're struggling with HOW TO APPLY it, give me a call and I'll give you a free Consultation over the phone........

Don't kid yourself and don't suffer silently...... It is the little hinge that swings the big door.

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Business tools said...

Lots of people prefer working for a salary that they get through a regular job. Entrepreneurship isn't for them. This may be true for a number of people but what happens to the people who long to chart their own path?

People who have the desire to start businesses of their own need guidance. This, when fueled by the passion that they have and guided by proper planning, is one of the ingredients needed for success.