Monday 2 February 2009

Employee Engagement in these tough times.

Engagement (going the extra mile) has become a buzz word and replaced Retention (holding on to people) as being vital to getting the very best out of people (Talent Management).
As the Leadership writer John Maxwell famously said:
"People don't care about how much you know till they know how much you care"

'Caring' in this context has has 3 key aspects I believe
  1. Respecting people enough to tell them what the 'job to be done' now looks like (I need you to focus on a,b,c because of x,y,z business reason)
  2. Asking them what they need from you or the business to enable them do this properly (Is this ok, can you do that?)
  3. Supporting people by Coaching, Feedback, Encouragement and CONSISTENCY (What's working, what's not... What would make the difference?)

When as a Leader you 'fill in the gaps' for people they understand what you're thinking-It removes the guesswork. They feel respected and then they VOLUNTEER their best efforts. That's the pathway to engagement. People always amaze me with what they can do when properly supported. The intention then shifts from inspection to improvement. That's a proper 'win-win'.

This process is trying to achieve willing support from your employees. Look at what happens when you get fully engaged staff, your revenue grows by more than 80%, your net profit by over 20% due to the willing Emotional Involvement of your people who in turn pass this on to your Customers, who're prepared to pay more! Click on this short YouTube clip.

Try it and see, if you're struggling with HOW to do this better, get in touch. This stuff may seem fluffy, it's not. It actually works! Go on, engage with the process!!

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