Sunday 25 January 2009

Business' Biggest Problem Uncovered

Too much time is spent working, but not enough time LEARNING....Let me explain.
  • Research shows that 80% of people don't know the BASICS of running a Business

  • People can't fix what they can't see. This is where external Mentors are vital

  • You need to UNDERSTAND and be ABLE to APPLY what you know in key areas:

  • Finance, Administration, Sales & Marketing and most important PEOPLE MANAGEMENT

Here's a link to a 'Business Capability Wheel' you can download (Business Diagnostic Capability) If you want to do the exercise and contact me directly, I'm happy to give you a free consultation to discuss what it means for your Business, Department or Team.

How capable are you and is your business fit enough to compete in the current climate? Let me hear from you, especially if you disagree with my views........

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