Tuesday 16 December 2008

How do you know your Coach is a real Coach?

Sometimes it pays to be polite, sometime not! Coaching is probably the biggest single investment most people make in themselves in their lifetime... Don't compromise, you deserve the best.

Do yourself a favour, ask these questions.

  1. Where did you train to be a Coach?
  2. Who Coaches you?
  3. How would we work together?
  4. Can you ensure we both get the best outcomes for me?
  5. How does payment work?

If your Coach can't easily answer these questions, I'd suggest you find someone of better quality.

A good Coach should volunteer this information..........

What's your experience been? Talk t o me!

Friday 21 November 2008

Coaching in a Recession

As the economy tightens, Coaching (unlike Consulting and Training) is often in higher demand.
So what should a Coach be able to do for you? 3 Things in my opinion:

  1. Be able to understand you (be a good fit to work with you)
  2. Be able to understand your Business (understand your current Business context)
  3. Be able to help you with HOW to make the necessary changes (Train and Mentor you)

Many Coaches sadly are often not even TRAINED to be Coaches let alone do any of the other things listed above.

Can your Coach do these things?........Like to hear from you.

Tuesday 21 October 2008

Coaching in a Hurry- 4 Simple Steps

It's possible to be an effective 'Coach in a Hurry'. This will help the Coachee right now when they really need it!

1. Get the Client to DESCRIBE IN BRIEF what the ISSUE is/area of the issue
2. Get them to decide what a meaningful OUTCOME might look like
3. As a Coach, check if the problem is about a particular SITUATION, or THE COACHEE themselves or OTHER PEOPLE and focus on the main one
4. Brainstorm possible new OPTIONS and agree IMMEDIATE next ACTIONS

This can often be done inside 15 minutes and if it does not resolve the full issue, it often instills enough CONFIDENCE to help the Coachee in the moment.